About Us

Pickering Pacific helps you complete successful mergers & acquisitions in East Asia

Our Firm

Pickering Pacific advises clients on mergers & acquisitions (M&A) in East Asia. Our team is dedicated to serving clients in a professional and transparent manner. We have been serving clients regarding M&A in East Asia since 2004.

We cover most sectors in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Brunei.

Pickering Pacific holds a Capital Market Services (CMS) License issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct the regulated activity of “Advising on Corporate Finance”.


Our Competitive Advantages


East Asia Focus

We are based in East Asia and focus on this part of the world. Our focus enables us to effectively guide our clients in their activities in this region.


Senior-level Attention

The same senior-level attention is given to all clients, without exception. You will deal directly with a senior member of the firm. We focus on a small number of clients for which we achieve superior results. Our response time is short; we make our decisions quickly.



We are not part of a larger group. We are totally unbiased in our advice. We have no structural conflicts of interests.


Strong Client Relationships

We have developed strong, long-term and mutually profitable relationships with our clients, becoming their reliable M&A partner.

Our Values


We act with integrity and total professionalism, as well as foster an open company culture


We constantly strive to add value to our clients’ business

Clients first

We always put our clients’ interests first


We do what it takes to get the results for our clients, and are creative and innovative in solving problems

Our Cooperation Partners 

We have a strong network with investment banks and M&A advisory firms in many countries.

Pickering Pacific is a member of Terra Alliance, an international alliance of 16 independent M&A and Corporate Finance advisory firms with locations across the world. It was formed in 2002 to enhance cross-border perspectives and ideas, thereby improving our ability to deliver better results for clients. The relationships within Terra Alliance are on a non-exclusive basis.

Other cooperation partners

In addition to the Terra Alliance network, we also have a strong network with other investment banks and M&A advisory firms both within and outside East Asia. 


Terra Alliance Members
Cooperation Relationships


Terra Alliance Members
Quercus (UK)
Banque Hottinguer (France, Switzerland)
Bankhaus Lampe (Germany)
Navarre (Netherlands)
Banca Sella (Italy)
Banco Sabadell (Spain)
Banco Finantia (Portugal)

Cooperation Relationships
Many European countries

Asia Pacific

Terra Alliance Members
Pickering Pacific (Southeast Asia, Greater China)
Origin Capital (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea)

Cooperation Relationships


Terra Alliance Members
InterOcean (USA)
Consensus Advisors (USA)
Origin Merchant Partners (Canada)

Cooperation Relationships

Middle East & Africa

Terra Alliance Members
Melcofin (Africa)
HC Securities & Investment (UAE)